Risk field mapping after migration from server to cloud


If you are using BigPicture version 8.2.2 (or lower) follow the additional steps below. 


After migrating from server to cloud, the risks on the risk module will be grayed out:


It happens because server "Risk Consequence" and "Risk Probability" fields don't function the same as Cloud risk fields (field types are different, and on Jira cloud those fields are always locked.)

After Jira and App backups have been restored on the Cloud instance, the risk field mapping you see (Cloud) corresponds to the setup from the Jira server. 

They should be migrated to the new fields "Risk Consequence" and "Risk Probability" created by the App on the Cloud.

The Goal?

Risk field data restored from Jira server can be used on Jira cloud.

What to do?

  1. Go to BigPicture App Configuration > Modules > Risks (Jira cloud)
  2. Change the field mapping - if you were using the standard BigPicture (server) mapping, the field names will be the same (field IDs will be different).
    1. If you want to, you can verify Jira IDs of fields (this usually won't be necessary)
  3. Set the toggle switch to "ON" to ensure the field values are migrated and save changes.