Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) is ending in February 2024.

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Connected Trello instance is unavailable due to authentication failure


Tool connections can be viewed and managed in BigPicture configuration > Tools:

Click the "Edit" button to see connection details:

Addressing this problem requires Jira Admin permissions.

Remember, after the issue has been fixed, clear the Box Warnings log - otherwise, the message box will keep appearing even after the issue has been addressed.

Step by Step

When authentication fails, you may get multiple errors, and a Box Warnings will appear. 

This indicates a problem with one of your connected tools (the tool's name is in the warning).

To address the issue, go to App configuration (wrench icon at top right) > App configuration > BigPicture configuration. 

Close all the warnings.

Close the warning log.

Go to the "Tools" tab. The status of the connected Tools can be found in the "Status" column. 

You can remove the tool or fix the connection. To re-authorize the connection, click the "Edit" button. 


Remember that pop-ups must be enabled in your browser (at least for this one). 

Remember, after the issue has been addressed, you must clear the Warnings Log. Until you do that, the pop-up box will keep on appearing.

This user does not belong to any team. Create the first one or log in to another account

You can encounter the following error when you're trying to re-authorize a connection:

This means the user you've tried to use as the "default user" is not a part of this Trello workspace. Select a different user or add a user to a Trello workspace. 

To add a user to the Trello workspace, go to that workspace. Next, click on:

Go to "View Workspace page."

Go to the "Members" section: