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Circular dependency detected (prevented)

If you can see this message, there would be a circular dependency if the shift action defined by structure builders was performed. 

Why do I see this message? 

Task structure rules conflict.

Rules with an opposite effect have been created (in two different Boxes that share at least part of their scope). Those rules are trying to produce contradictory results:

How to fix the issue?

Changes to the WBS structure haven't been applied because of the conflict. To fix the issue:

  • Correct the task structure rules in one of the affected Boxes 

  • or change the task details to ensure all Box rules can be applied at the same time

Once the issue has been addressed, clear the warning log and trigger a data re-sync.

Any "link-based" structure builders can lead to this situation because they have the "inverse" option. 


The app can't fulfill the setup when:

  • Tasks are in two separate Boxes (Boxes share at least part of their scope)

  • "link-based" structure builders have been used to create a WBS structure (in one Box, the "inverse" checkbox has been selected; in the other one, it's empty).

Those rules have the opposite effect. They would produce contradictory results:

In the example, the "Relates" link type has been used:

  • Normal links:

  • Inverted links:

Case 2 - structure builders in the opposite order

Different order of structure builders in two Boxes (with the same scope).

The two Boxes share at least part of their scope:

Those rules would try to create an opposite parent-child relationship in those Boxes (both can't be true simultaneously).