Story points mode


The Capacity and Remaining Capacity of your entire team or individual team members expressed in time units can be converted into story points.


  • To set the conversion rate go to Box configuration > Resources > Story points, which requires a Box admin security role.

  • The Story point conversion ratio tab in the Box configuration might not be visible if conversion is disabled in the Box type.

Story point conversion

When you enable this mode, the capacities are converted from time units to story points. The story point estimation is evenly distributed over the duration period: For example, BPV-12 was estimated as 7 SP for the duration of 2d, so the result is 7/2=3.5 SP/d.


You can enable Warnings to help you with identifying tasks without the Story Point estimate. If the Task has no Story Points the warning will be triggered.

Show overall assignment in Story points mode

When the "Show overall assignment" (Enterprise feature) is enabled the capacities may be misleading. This is due to the planning process using the Board module, as the Team and individual capacities can be overwritten using the Capacity planning in which case the capacities calculated in the Resources module will not be updated.