Story Points

The capacity derived from the WorkloadHoliday, and absences can be converted from time units into Story points. This way you can calculate the default capacity values of your Teams and Team members using Story Points.

Overwriting the predefined ratio

The Story Point Conversion ratio can also be configured using Box types, and overwriting of the ratio might be disabled.

You can use the conversion ratio defined using the Upper-Level Box or overwrite these values. Set the ratio by specifying the estimate of a single Story Point using time units.

Conversion set to "0" 

Can be useful in connection with the velocity report.

Resource Capacity

Switch to the "Story Points" mode to convert the capacity of each resource presented on the Resource grid into Story Points using the defined velocity. Using this view, you can display the capacity and committed story points at an individual and team level.

Team Capacity

The converted capacity expressed in Story Points will become the default capacity calculated by the Board module. The capacity can be overwritten using  Capacity planning but it will not update related calendars.

For example, Iteration 1.1 has a duration of 10 days, and the ratio is set to 4h=1SP (1d=2SP). Individual capacity for a team member is 10d x 2 SP = 20SP.