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Organize tasks


Organize your tasks in ascending or descending order. Tasks are sorted on each level of the hierarchy separately.

More sorting options

If a field you want to sort by is missing, add it as a column.

You can use both built-in and integration-specific fields.

What can be sorted?

All tasks from integrations (Jira, Trello) can be sorted.

Basic tasks cannot be sorted. 

Who is affected?

The 'Organize tasks' command affects all the users, as it has a global impact on the sorting settings.

Sorting grouped tasks

Below applies to a situation when task grouping is active. 

Sorting is initiated by clicking on the column header

  • Only tasks in groups are sorted (groups themselves are not sorted)

  • Sorting is possible only for the fields that are possible to "organize by" 

  • Sorting is impossible for columns with aggregation enabled

Sorting by clicking the header is disabled when:

  • the sorted column is removed

  • aggregation is enabled for the column (clicking on a header triggers no action) 

  • grouping mode is disabled (when grouping is inactive, use the "Data" option in the menu at the top > "Organize tasks") 

When tasks are grouped, sorting action is triggered:

  • By clicking the column header

  • grouping conditions are changed 

  • page is refreshed

Sorting does not reflect field values changes (when tasks are already sorted, changing a value won't trigger an automatic recalculation)