Dependencies specify the relationships between tasks, milestones, and other items that can be presented on the timeline such as Projects, Versions, Components, Sprints and Backlog.

By defining dependencies, you cannot only automate task scheduling but also highlight relations between tasks without impacting the schedule. Remember that the items presented on the Gantt chart are system-wide and changing their dependencies might affect tasks in other Boxes or Platforms.

The Gantt module takes linking to the next level and you can use non-Jira links to define dependencies between Issues and Non-issues, Issues and Projects, Projects and other Projects etc.

You can synchronize and visualize up to five different links. Almost any native Jira link or custom link can be synchronized. To configure the links go to link configuration.

When you select a link in the link configuration it will be instantly updated in your Host platform.

You can also create links between Jira and non-Jira issues such as Basic tasks, Projects, Versions, Components, Sprints, or Backlog. In such cases, the links will be visualized but not synchronized with the host platform.

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