Task details pop-up

Open the pop-up

A pop-up dialogue box appears when you click on a task from the Gantt chart. 


Use the Expand button to maximize the pop-up. 


Listed information

The following information is listed in the pop-up:

  • task icon

  • task key

  • task summary

  • progress

  • status 

  • start date

  • end date

  • period mode

  • in the scope of → the task has been added to the scope of listed boxes

  • task ID 

See changes

Opens the task history in the side panel.
The filters are automatically active - only the selected task is listed in the results.

Note: To see the side panel, you must collapse the pop-up. The side panel is not visible when task details are expanded. 

Inline editing 

Inline editing is available in the task details pop-up.