Coloring tasks


Color coding your tasks can make your team more productive. You can use colors to indicate the status of your work items, categorize them to distinguish between teams and departments or highlight the tasks of high importance, such as the tasks on the Critical path.

Take it to the next level and manually color your tasks to fit your organization's needs. Pick from a variety of colors and switch back between the two views at any time.

Status-Based Colors

Use this option to display the status category color directly on the taskbar. This way, you'll always see the task status on the timeline - even without the Status field column in view or when you hide the task list.

Status coloring only pertains to Jira issues. Color changes will not apply to non-Jira tasks, such as Projects, Sprints, Components, Version, or Backlog. Basic tasks have also color statuses. 

By default, the following colors are assigned to task statuses:

  • Grey - To Do,

  • Blue - In Progress,

  • Green - Done.


Manual Task Colors

If you want manual colors to be visible on the timeline, make sure to enable relevant settings.

Then, right-click anywhere on the Task (either in the Task structure or the timeline - don't click on the Task Key) and pick a color from a pop-up menu.

To change the color for multiple tasks, select all relevant tasks and use the Editor Slider panel to make the change for all selected Tasks.

Tasks colors on the Task list

Once you color code your tasks manually, you will see that the first column of the task list shows the manual color in both view Status-based and Manual colors. This means you do not have to display the "color" column to see this information - it is always available on the far left in manual "task color" mode. 

When you change the color mode to "Status" the column on the left will reflect the status colors. 

View settings can override task color (in both status and manual modes). In particular, the "Overdue" and "Critical Path" views require overriding the task color setup.