Clear History - Space Tools

Screen Location: Space Tools → Document Management → Clear History tab


This screen enables space admins to permanently wipe all workflow data (states, activity logs, tasks) associated with each page and blog post in the space.

If one or more space mode workflows are in place, the content they are applied to, will be set to the initial state of the applied workflow.

Once the workflow history has been removed, it cannot be retrieved.

If required, prior to clearing the workflow activity from all the space documents, use Attach Activity to generate and attach a CSV file to each page in the space that contains the workflow activity.

If Comala Document Management 7.0+ Data Center only app is installed this will clear the document activity for each page and blog post

If existing space had a workflow applied prior to installation of v7.0+ and the workflow event data has not been updated to document activity, the screen will remove the page activity history data from each document in the space.

Validate Credentials

You may be required to validate your credentials depending on the configuration of the Confluence server.

Always ensure that you are using a secure connection to the server (padlock in the URL bar) before submitting your password.