Space Mode


In Space Mode, workflows are applied to all content in a space and the templates are centrally managed

  • space administrator chooses the workflow template(s) to apply

  • workflow templates in the space are centrally managed at the space level

The application of each workflow can be optionally filtered by label or content type - allowing multiple workflows to be active in the space but applied to different content.

Recommended for production use!

The workflow applied in space mode can be

An active space workflow is applied automatically on page creation.

One or more space workflows can be active in a space but only one workflow is applied to each page or blog post at any time. Active space workflows are applied based on the following overall hierarchy

  • the workflow scope (global or space)

  • the content label filter if present*

  • the alphabetical by name listing of the active workflows

Changes to the template affect all content using that template when applied as a space workflow.

How do I enable Space Mode?

You'll need space admin privileges.

Add one or more templates to the Document Management tab ("Document Management Dashboard") – it should look a bit like this.

Only one workflow can be applied to content at any one time.

Making a workflow active in the Document Management space dashboard will override any active page workflows in the space.

  • the active workflow placed highest in the dashboard will be the workflow applied across all the content in the space.

  • content labels can be used to filter the application of a space workflow, allowing more than one active workflow to be applied in the space but across different content based on the label filter.

More than space workflow can be active in the space by using workflow content label filters to filter the application of the workflows to different content.

Adding a space workflow editable in the space (space scope)

A space administrator can add a copy of a global workflow that has been enabled in the global workflows dashboard to the space document dashboard.

In the space document management dashboard, once added, a space scope workflow can be

  • enabled and disabled for the space using the tick slider

  • edited using workflow builder or the markup editor

  • removed from the space

Adding a global workflow (global scope)

A space administrator can add a linked global workflow that has been enabled in the global workflows dashboard to the space document dashboard. This retains the link to the global template - this is added as a global scope workflow to the space.

If a global workflow is added to the space document management dashboard with a global scope:

  • the workflow remains linked to the global template

  • any changes to the global workflow template will be automatically implemented in any space where it has been added

  • the global workflow is automatically active and will override any active space scope workflows in the space

  • if the global template is linked using a space category this is automatically applied on creation of the space

  • it can only be edited at the global level

  • the workflow cannot be disabled by the space administrator for the space but it can be removed from the space by the space administrator

Global workflow templates can include a workflow content label filter to limit their application in the space. If no content filter is included in the global template the workflow will override all other active workflows for all content.

Where do I manage templates?

Both space and global scoped templates can be used:

Page workflow templates available for use in a space are managed by the space administrator in the page workflows templates dashboard

  • the page workflows templates dashboard is automatically populated by default, by the enabled global workflow templates in the global workflows dashboard

  • a space administrator can copy space workflows to the page workflows templates dashboard or remove existing global templates

Templates can also be imported:

Global templates can also be linked to the space category:

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Confluence Admins can limit which spaces are allowed to use Space Mode.