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Comala Document Management global settings can be found in Confluence global administration General Configuration.

Scroll down the global administration sidebar to view the list of Comala Document Management configuration options.

* Comala Migration Assessment and Comala Migration Assistant are not available as options in the Confluence side bar from v7.1.1+ and v6.18.0+. The migration action, if required, can be accessed from the following URL <baseURL>/admin/migrationassessment.action.

From v6.17+, a global administrator has access to the Upgrade Activity screen to run pre-upgrade data checks for spaces that will need upgrading to use document activity if installing Comala Document Management 7 for data center only.

These pre-upgrade data checks are also available in Comala Document Management 7.0+ for existing spaces with an applied Comala workflow prior to upgrading to our data center only app.

The Upgrade Activity screen in Comala Document Management 7 and later allows you to run both data pre-upgrade checks and upgrade the space data to use document activity.

Quick access to admin screens

You can quickly navigate to the administration screens via Confluence quick search. Just type in what you're looking for and you will see related admin screens at the top of the search results:

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This guide is for Confluence and System administrators.