Support Console - Space Tools


If you are using Comala Document Management 6.14.1 or later, you can help us investigate issues by downloading a Support Package using the Comala Document Management Support Console option in space tools.

When would I want to use this?

The Support Package can help in general debugging and/or sharing your workflow(s) with our Support Team.

The Support Console is used to easily create a support package of relevant information that you can share with our support team.

Once the Support Package is downloaded, please attach it to a support ticket.

  • you can open the support package files to review the data before submitting in a support ticket and if required, edit the content for any sensitive content

We would also appreciate it if you could let us know if you edit any of these data files prior to submission.

Creating a support package

You can create and download a support package for

  • the whole space

  • the whole space and a named page

The support package includes

  • global configuration settings

  • space configuration settings

  • active and disabled space workflows in the space

  • and if selected additional page-level details

In space tools

  • open the Document Management dashboard

  • choose Support tab

Choose Download Support Package. This creates a snapshot of the global and space configuration for the Comala Document Management app.

The Support Package is downloaded locally as a .zip file. The date of the snapshot is included as part of the filename.

The zip file contains

  • global settings snapshot - global_configuration.txt

  • space settings snapshot - space_configuration.txt

  • folders containing a .txt file for each active and each disabled workflow in the space

Each workflow .txt file contains the markup code for the workflow.

Support package for a specific page

If you want, you can choose to include details for a specific page in the space.

  • choose Select a page to open the dropdown menu

  • type a few characters to search for a page

Selecting a page includes the page storage format in the download . This includes the details of the macros used on the page.

Page storage format details can contain sensitive that you may not want to be shared. Please check the page storage format details before submitting in a support ticket.

Choose Download Support Package.

The zip file will now include a snapshot of data for the page as a number of .txt files for

  • JSON content properties

  • debug data

  • page status from REST API

  • page activity

  • document activity (v7.0+ for spaces using document activity data)

The download will also include the global and space configuration files and the text files containing the markup for each space workflow.

Once downloaded, please attach it to the support ticket.