Parameters - Space Tools

Screen Location: Space Tools > Document Management > Parameters tab


This screen allows space administrators to edit the values of parameters defined with the workflow parameter macro in templates which are applied in space mode.

A workflow parameter will ONLY be added to the space tools Parameters screen if it has been defined with a default value in a workflow .

For example, across the workflows added to the space above there are three workflow parameters with defined default values

  • Due Date with a default value of P5M (5 Months)

  • Editor-in-Chief with a default value of user Suni Conn (suni)

  • Expiration Period with a default value of P7D (7 days)

If a workflow parameter is not displayed then the workflow may need to be edited to add a default value for the parameter

  • if the workflow is copied to the space as a space workflow (space scope) you can edit the workflow in space tools Comala Document Management dashboard to add a default value for a workflow parameter

  • if the workflow is added to the space but remains linked to a global template (global scope) a global Confluence admin needs to add the default value to the workflow in the Global Workflows dashboard

When a workflow with an added workflow parameter is applied to a page of blog post in a space, the space parameter value will take precedence over the use of any default value in the workflow template.

Editing workflow parameter space value

To edit a parameter value just choose the current value it and it will go in to edit mode.

This value will then be used in the workflow

  • the updated value will be used when first applying the workflow to content

  • content with the workflow already applied will not have the parameter value updated

If the workflow parameter macro has the edit=true setting users will be able edit the value at page-level via the workflow popup

The edited value for the parameter may only be available for use in the workflow after a transition occurs from the state in which it was changed. The parameter values can be initially added when applying a workflow on the initial workflow setup 

If the space parameter value is changed by the space administrator, the updated value is used for all subsequent applications of the workflow in the space, for example on creating This use is irrespective of the default value set in the workflow template.

Editing the space parameters dashboard value does not change the parameter default value workflow template but the space parameter value takes precedence when the workflow is applied in the space.

A use case where the setting of the workflow parameter value in the space can be helpful is when using a global workflow. For example, a space admin might want to change the default value of a specific workflow parameter for use within a space. Editing the space parameter value allows the space specific parameter value to be set, while not altering the global workflow

Deleting values

You can also delete the value, however it might cause problems if the associated workflows are still active.

By default

  • using Delete to remove the parameter value in the space tools Parameters screen will not delete the parameter defined in the workflow

  • removing the workflow from the space that was the source of the added parameter does NOT remove the parameter value from the space tools Parameters screen

The initial state, for example, should not include the use of a parameter reference value for a due date or pre-assigned reviewers for approvals to avoid blocking your workflow. Alternatively, you can choose to Initialize states when applying a space workflow.