Data Refresh - Space Tools



Pages and blog posts automatically update their data for the following document management reports

However, sometimes the data is not updated if there are some unexpected errors or a lack of edit permissions by the user that triggers the update.

In those cases, the data in the space for the reports can be manually populated by running a space-level job using the Refresh Data screen in the space tools Document Management dashboard.


This option complements the option to run the space-level data refresh of page workflow properties through the URL.

For Comala Document Management v7.2.3 and earlier, use the Report Data Population tab.

When would I want to use this?

The data refresh option can be used to populate space properties data for the workflow properties for your pages and blog posts in a space if there are unexpected errors in Comala Document Management reports and report macros.

In addition to a whole space refresh of data, each workflow report and report macro (from v7.3.0) includes an option to Refresh Data for the report whilst viewing the report.


To display this in-report data refresh option, hover over the displayed data in the report.

Running the space data refresh

In the space tools Document Management dashboard

  • choose Data Refresh option

  • choose the Data Refresh button