Attach Activity - Space Tools


If you are using Comala Document Management 6.18.0 or later, the Attach Activity utility allows you to generate and attach a CSV attachment of the page workflow activity to each page in the space.

Pages with no workflow activity do not have any CSV generated.

When would I want to use this?

The Attach Activity utility

  • allows the creation of a record of workflow activity for a document to be attached to each page for example, prior to clearing workflow history using the space Clear History option

  • needs to be run for each space prior to migrating to cloud

Attach Activity completion is checked for each space during the pre-migration checks and the affected spaces (with no Attach History - status is not set as COMPLETED) are listed and listed in a downloadable CSV file.

Running Attach Activity

Attach Activity is run on a space-by space basis to generate and attach workflow activity history for each individual page with workflow activity in the space.

In space tools

  • open the Document Management dashboard

  • choose Attach History tab

Each time the utility is run, a new Attach Activity CSV file is generated for each page and added as an additional attachment to the page.

The Attach Activity utility generation of page activity attachments is ignored by any workflow triggers with the attachmentadded or attachmentchanged event to avoid triggering undesired actions. FROM v7.2.1 DATA CENTER FROM v6.18.5 SERVER