Client error while exporting through Jira Command Line Interface (CLI)

Problem statement

This article helps to fix the Client error that you may encounter while exporting a Jira project using Jira Command Line Interface(CLI).

Error message 

Client error: The request could not be completed. It requires a webSudo admin login. Use a different login user, try using different parameters to avoid needing admin access, or have your admin disable webSudo.


AppJira Command Line Interface(CLI)


The websudo error is due to the secure administration session in Jira.

Jira protects access to its administrative functions by requiring a secure administration session in order to use the Jira administration screens. This is also known as websudo. When a Jira administrator (who is logged into Jira) attempts to access an administration function, they are prompted to log in again. This logs the administrator into a temporary secure session that grants access to the Jira administration screens.


Enable secure administrator sessions (means the password confirmation before accessing administration functions) by default. If this causes issues in your Jira instance (if you are using a custom authentication mechanism), this feature can be disabled by specifying the below line in your file: = true

You need to restart your Jira server for this setting to take effect.