How to add values to a custom field in Jira using Jira CLI

This article explains how to add options to a custom field that has field type option in Jira using Jira Command Line Interface (CLI).


Since CLI v9.3.0, the custom field options is available with the addCustomFieldOptions action.

  1. In this example, a select list field input is used, which has options 1, 2, and 3. The screenshot below displays the "input" custom field configuration:

  2. Run the action below to add the custom field options "20, 40, 50" from the list of options:

    --action addCustomFieldOptions --field input --options "20, 40, 50"

    In this action, --field refers to the custom field name and --options is for the custom field values.

  3. Log in to Jira and check the custom field configuration. The values are added to Options as shown in the screenshot below:

The action works only on the custom fields that allow configuration of options like Select List (single choice), Select List (multiple choices), Radio Buttons, etc..