How to associate a workflow to a workflow scheme with Jira CLI

This article explains how to associate a workflow to a workflow scheme using the Jira Command Line Interface (CLI) app.


Use the associateWorkflow action to associate a workflow to the workflow scheme with name and workflowScheme as mandatory parameters.

  • name: Name of the workflow
  • workflowSchemeWorkflow scheme name or ID. Use blank for default scheme. 

Execute the following CLI command:

--action associateWorkflow --name "Associate_Workflow_1" --workflowScheme "Associate_Workflow_Scheme_1"

For this example, we created a new workflow named Associate_Workflow_1, and workflow schema named Associate_Workflow_Scheme_1 as shown:

 In your instance, the terminal output and result in Jira is displayed. For this example, the following outputs appear upon execution of the given CLI command:

  • Output on the terminal:

    Workflow 'Associate_Workflow_1' associated to 'Associate_Workflow_Scheme_1'.
  • Output in Jira:

  • If you are creating new workflow and workflow scheme on global level, they can be viewed in inactive workflows and inactive workflow schemes respectively.
  • You can associate an inactive workflow scheme to an inactive workflow.
  • You can associate an inactive Workflow scheme to an active workflow.
  • It is recommended to test this scenario in a test environment before implementing it in production.