How to migrate attachments from Server to Cloud


For users of Jira server version below 7.13.0.

Configuration Manager supports migrating Jira configuration and data from server to Cloud from version 7.13.0 onwards.

Migrating attachments from server to Cloud

Migrating the attachments from server to loud entails running three CLI actions:


  1. Get the attachment name along with the Jira issue.
    --action runfromIssueList --jql "project = JD" --common "--action getAttachmentList --issue @issue@ --file "test2.csv" --append --outputFormat 999"

Once the CSV is downloaded from the CLI action, you need to adjust the CSV file, for example the Name parameter with file.

Like, replace the Name parameter to file. Make sure the same issue is present in the Cloud Jira instance as well.

2. Download the attachments to the specific directory.
--action runFromIssueList --jql "project = JD" --input "--action runFromAttachmentList --issue @issue@ --common "--action getAttachment --issue @issue@ --name @attachmentId@ --file @attachment@""

3. Use the downloaded CSV file to add the attachment to the Jira issue.

--action runFromCsv --file test2.csv --common "--action addAttachment" --continue --server "https://<<cloud instance URL>>" --user "<<emailaddress>>" --token "<<token>>"

The attachment names should not have special characters in the name of the file.


Migrating multiple attachments

v10.3 onward allows you to copy the attachments between issues from different instances - Server to Cloud:

myJira -a copyAttachments --issue jira-1 --toIssue jira-23 --targetServer myJiraCloud