How to use the runFromLinkList action in CLI

The runFromLinkList action can be used when it is required to perform operations in bulk. The article in this page explains using runFromLinkList with the getLinkList, DeleteLink, and getLinkTypeList actions to get some tasks done.


  • Get the list of all linked issues of all issues in a specific project: Use CLI actions runFromLinkList with getLinkList

    --action runFromLinkList --jql "Project = 'TESTER01'" --common "-a getLinkList --options inward --issue @fromIssue@"

    Additionally, regex parameter can be used to filter for specific link types.

  • Delete the issue links with Blocks issue link type in a projectUse CLI actions runFromLinkList with DeleteLinkList

    --action runFromLinkList  --jql "project = RES"  --common "-a deleteLink  --issue "@fromIssue@"  --toIssue "@toIssue@"  --link "Blocks""
  • Get the list of all issue link types: Use CLI actions runFromLinkList with getLinkTypeList

    --action runFromLinkList  --jql "project = RES" --common "-a getLinkTypeList"

It is recommended to test this scenario in a non-production environment or run the action with the --simulate parameter to verify the behavior before deploying it on a production environment.