How to get the Due Date information with getIssueList action using Jira CLI

This article helps you understand how to get the Due Date field values of Jira issues using getIssueList action of Jira CLI.


Use the getIssueList action with columns parameter to get the list of issues with due date information. To get the required due date information, you have to specify the due Jira column name in the command.

Execute the following command to get the list of issues along with the Due Date and other information:

--action getIssueList --project "ZCLI" --file issues.csv --outputFormat 2 --columns "due,Type,Resolution,Assignee,Reporter,Fix Versions,Affects Versions"

The result of the query and the contents of the issues.csv file is as follows:

  • The getIssueList action lists issues for a JQL query or per project. 
  • Either the jql or the project parameter must be specified with the getIssueList action.