How to remove custom field options using field value Id

This article provides detailed steps on how to remove the custom field options with reference to custom field value Id using the Jira Command Line Interface(JCLI).


Since Bobswift's CLI client version 9.4.0, we have a new feature that can remove custom field options using the custom field value Id.

  1. Using the below approaches, you can retrieve the option Id for the custom field value:
    • From Jira UI:
      1. Navigate to Settings → Issues → Custom Fields and search for the respective custom field and Click Edit options.

      2. Hover on the Edit options that you want to remove so that the Id gets populated at the bottom of the screen, as shown in the below screenshot:

        Or click on the edit option which you want to remove. In the URL, you can see the value for the option Id. In the below reference screenshot, option Id is 11601:
    • Using JIRA CLI:
      1. Run the getCustomFieldOptionsList action to get the field option values along with their IDs:
        Action Command:

        --action getCustomFieldOptionList --field Demo


        --action getCustomFieldOptionList --field Demo
        4 options in list
        "Field","Field Name","Id","Name","Cascade Options"
  2. Use the Id for options parameter for removing custom field options. In the below example, option Id 11601 refers to "\n".

    --action removeCustomFieldOptions --field Demo --options 11601

    By performing the above action command, the custom field value "\n" is removed from the field Demo.