How to update custom field options using Jira CLI

This article provides detailed guidelines on how to update the custom field options using the Jira Command Line Interface(JCLI).


Since Bobswift's CLI client version 9.6.0, we have a new feature that can update custom field options.

  1. How to use the action:
    • Run the updateCustomFieldOptions action to update existing options and cascade option values:
      Action Command:

      --action updateCustomFieldOptions --field demo --options "oldVal:newVal" --options "existingOption:newOption"
      --action updateCustomFieldOptions --field demo --options "parent - oldChild:parent - newChild"


      multiple-select field:
      //update "E" to "e1", "f" to "f1"
      --action updateCustomFieldOptions --field zzselect1 --options "E:e1" --options "f:f1"
      //update "G" to "g2", "g2" to "g3"
      --action updateCustomFieldOptions --field zzselect1 --options "G:g2" --options "g2:g3"
      //update options with id = 15910 to new value 'i2'
      --action updateCustomFieldOptions --field zzselect1 --options 15910:i2
      multiple-select-cascade field:
      //update parent option from 'E' to 'E1'
      //update cascade/child option from 'f1' to 'f2'
      --action updateCustomFieldOptions --field zzcascade-select --options "E:E1" --options "F - f1:F - f2"
      //if the value contains dash, use this quote to note it is part of the value, not a parent-child relation
      --action updateCustomFieldOptions --field zzcascade-select --options "'Parent - (dash)' - 'Child - (dash)':'Parent - (dash)' - Child without (dash)"
      //use id for the parent
      --action updateCustomFieldOptions --field zzcascade-select --options "15925 - g1:15925 - g2"
  2. Guidelines to use the action:
    1. use " - " to represent a parent-child relation. If " - " happens to be part of the value, use single quote ('') to enclose the entire value.
    2. use ":" to represent current value and new value relation. "A:B" means update option "A" to option "B". 
    3. You can use id instead of value of the current parent option or child option.
  3. Invalid input will be pre-checked and error out, list of common pre-check errors:
    1. "A:A" ---- current value and new value are equal
    2. update cascade option value for a non-cascade custom field option
    3. "A - a:B - b" ---- update cascade option, but they have different parent
    4. "A - a:A" or "A - a:A - " ---- update cascade option to empty value, this is not valid, use 'removeCustomFieldOptions" instead
    5. "A - a,b:A - x,y". ----- update multiple values together