How to update project permission scheme in bulk using Jira Command Line Interface app

This article helps you to update the project permission scheme in bulk using the app, Jira Command Line Interface app.


Option 1:

  • If you want to update permission scheme for all projects to a particular scheme, then you can use runFromProjectList action. Execute the below CLI action:

    --action runFromProjectList --common "-a updateProject --project \"@project@\" --permissionScheme \"Default permission scheme\"" --continue

Option 2

  • If you want to update permission scheme for a few projects to a particular scheme then provide the scheme name, and use updateProject with runFromCsv actions.

    Prepare a CSV file (projects.csv ) with a column name as project, that contains the project keys. For example:

    Execute the below CLI action to update the project permission scheme for all mentioned projects to Default Permission Scheme by mentioning the name of the permission scheme as shown. 

    --action runFromCsv --file projects.csv --common "--action updateProject --permissionScheme \"Default Permission Scheme\""

    The parameters used in the above action are:

    • file: Name (or path) of the file specified in the command.

    • common: Common parameter string added to all run actions.    
    • project: it includes all of the projects when you specify @project@ as a value. 
    • permissionScheme: Permission scheme name or id. In most cases, you can use @default to get the system default permission scheme.
    • continue: Continue processing even after errors are encountered for run actions. Also used for some action to ignore certain errors like not found errors on remove actions.
  • Make sure to run the command in a non-production environment before testing in a production environment.