How to clone an issue which has issue links to other Jira issues using CLI

This article explains how to clone an issue that has links to other Jira issues using the Jira Command Line Interface (CLI) app in Jira Cloud.


For this scenario, use the cloneIssue action with the copyLinks parameter where: 

  • cloneIssue: Creates a new issue by copying an existing issue. By default, if the issue is a subtask, it is cloned to the same parent.
    Specify the parent parameter to allow a subtask to be cloned to a different parent. By default, cloned issue is not linked to the original issue. For example, adding '--link Cloners' adds the normal clone link.
  • copyLinks: Copies issue links when cloning an issue.

For this example, ensure that the issue to be cloned has linked issues and subtasks.

Let's clone an issue within the same project, ZJIRACLONE, that has two linked issues: ZJIRACLONE-1 and DEMO-2.

Execute the following command:

--action cloneIssue --project "ZJIRACLONE" --issue "ZJIRACLONE-6" --copyLinks --copyComments --copySubtasks

The result of the above code is as follows:

  • Output on the terminal:
Output on the terminal:
--action cloneIssue --project "ZJIRACLONE" --issue "ZJIRACLONE-6" --copyLinks --copyComments --copySubtasks

1 comments copied to ZJIRACLONE-9. 
1 subtasks copied as children of ZJIRACLONE-8. 
Issues ZJIRACLONE-8 and ZJIRACLONE-1 linked with type 'is blocked by'.
Issues ZJIRACLONE-8 and DEMO-2 linked with type 'relates to'.
2 links copied to ZJIRACLONE-8. 
1 comments copied to ZJIRACLONE-8. 
Issue ZJIRACLONE-6 cloned to ZJIRACLONE-8.
  • Output in Jira:
  • This article applies to the Cloud environment. It can also be applied to the Server environment by changing the file with appropriate credentials.
  • To use the commands for server, make sure that the acli.propertiesfile is CLI v9.0 and above.
  • It is recommended to test this scenario in a test environment before implementing it in production.