How to get the project list with category and issue count using Jira CLI

This article explains how to get the project list with category and issue count using the Jira CLI app.


Use the getProjectList action with file and outputFormat parameters to get the list of projects with issue count and category data. For this example, use the parameters to:

  • file - Specify the name of file where the project list is to be stored.
  • outputFormat - Specify value as 2 for getting the issue count and category.
  1. Ensure that the CLI client file is updated with the required information.

  2. Run the CLI action as follows:

    --action getProjectList --file "projectlistdata.csv" --outputFormat 2

    Here, change the name of the CSV file as required.

The result of the sample query in step 2 is written into projectlistdata.csv as:

  • Refer to this link for more details about the outputFormat parameter.