Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) is has ended in February 2024.

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Navigation - Box Switcher


The Box switcher is a mini version of the Hierarchy mode of the Overview module. It shows the Box names and the hierarchy.

Use the Box switcher to shift between different Boxes easily. Once opened, the active Box will be highlighted so you can easily switch to a sub-Box or a different Box.

You will browse only those Boxes to which you have permissions.

The Box switcher is displayed in the Apps header for each module and in the WBS Widget and Skill Widget, which can be added to the issue screen.

You can easily go back to an upper-level Box by clicking on the relevant breadcrumb. This way, you don't have to open the Box switcher drop-down to move between Boxes.

Box Details

The following information is presented for each Box on the list: 

Box ID

Box IDs consist of a Box type prefix and a sequential number automatically generated by the App. The Box ID is displayed next to the Box switcher in the Overview module. You can enter the Box ID to search the list of Boxes using the search box located in the Overview module and the Box switcher.

For example, the Box ID of the Hybrid Project is HYBR-1 as this is the 1st Box created using the Hybrid type.

Box Name 

Enter the Box name to search the list of Boxes using the search box located in the Overview module and the Box switcher. When a new sibling Box is added, the App will add a number to the description.

For example, if the Box name is "Iteration," the automatically generated name of a same-level Box would be "Iteration 1."

Box Status

Box status is displayed next to the Box name in the Box switcher. You can change the Box status in different sections of the App. In the Overview module, use the right-click or drag and drop when in the Kanban mode. You can also change the status using the Board module or in the Scope definition tab of the Box configuration.

The status is indicated using colors, and the following color-coded statuses are available:

  • Not started = gray

  • In progress = blue

  • Done = green

Favorite Star 

Mark Boxes as your favorite and filter out all other Boxes using the switcher or the filters in the Overview module.


The Box hierarchy can be modified in the Hierarchy mode of the Overview module. You can expand and collapse it to see the desired level of information.

Home Button

Use the home button to navigate back to the Home screen.

Searching Boxes

If you can't find what you are looking for by scrolling, use the search bar. It works with the Box name and ID.

Filtered view in Box switcher

Favorite Boxes

In the filtered view, the tree structure of Boxes is not shown (only the Boxes that match a filter).

To narrow down the list to your favorite Boxes only, click on the star button next to the search bar.

You can find the Favorite filters in the Box switcher and the Overview module.

Security and access

  • The Box switcher is always displayed in the left corner. Click to expand the drop-down.

  • To view the Boxes, you need a Box Viewer security role.