Skills widget

To execute your project correctly, start by determining what skills you need to achieve your goals. The Skills widget lets you define which skills are necessary for completing the task.

You can activate the Skill Widget on every issue page of specific projects or issue types. You can also do this in Jira Administration (Settings), which requires Admin permissions.


  • App admin can configure the widget in the App configuration.

Adding and Removing Skills

To add or remove a skill, click on the Required Skill box, and a drop-down with all the defined skills will appear. To define new skills, go to Business Administration, which requires the App Administrator security role.

Find the Perfect Match

The App can determine the resource matching best to your task. Five matching assignees will be offered, sorted by relevance. The first on the list is the best; the second one is the second-best, and so on.

  • Resource matching will be cut off after the fifth-best one.

  • You can assign both Individuals and Teams with the feature.

  • Five best candidates are established based on:

    • Skills required to complete a task,

    • Skills that an individual or team members have,

    • The remaining capacity of resources (individuals or teams) which is calculated based on the mode selected in the Resources module of BigPicture (namely Original estimate, Remaining estimate, or Story Points).

  • Skills weigh the most in the algorithm (approx. 80%), but the remaining capacity is important too (20%).

  • If you don’t manage skills in Jira, the remaining capacity is the only contributing factor.

  • The remaining capacity can be time or story points.

  • You can always reassign a task to another individual/team at a later time.

We use linear regression – statistical modeling – to determine the list of five.