Extracting Jira Support zip (plugin doesn't start)


If you are experiencing problems preventing our plugin from starting, please follow these guidelines to extract the Jira Support zip that we can analyze while troubleshooting.

The procedure

  • Go to: Jira Administration >> System >> Logging and profiling

  • Mark the logs with something like "Logs for BigPicture support". This helps the team find the relevant logs easily so please do not skip this step. Thank you

  • Find the "configure logging level for another package" link, click it, and set the "DEBUG" level for "com.softwareplant" package see the screenshot:

  • Try to reproduce the problem(depending on your specific case it can be reinstalling the plugin etc..) Our helpful Support staff will provide more detailed guidelines in that respect.

  • Download the log from: Jira Administration >> System >> Troubleshooting and support tools >> create support zip

  • Please consider limiting the log file according to the following guidelines:

  • Finally, attach the extracted file along with the phrase you used for marking the logs and the date you created the support zip so the team can analyse it.

Please remember to switch back to WARN as it impacts performance.

In case your problems are more complex

You are always welcome to contact our support directly.