Troubleshooting Application Links

This page provides troubleshooting tips while configuring the Application Link for the following apps.

  • Power BI Jira Connector

  • Tableau Connector Pro for Jira

  • Reports and Timesheets for Jira

Below are the various errors you may encounter and the troubleshooting tips for configuring the application link.


  • If you try to create the Application Link with localhost on Jira Server/DC version 9.13 or above, it fails and displays the following error. Please refer to the Atlassian KB article for troubleshooting.



  • While configuring the Application Link, if you encounter the following error, select the checkbox “Use this URL” and click Continue.


  • Once the Application Link has been created, and if you notice the offline warning message below, no action is required. The application will continue to function even if the link has gone offline.