Create measures in Power BI to get the issue count based on the labels

This article explains the steps to get a Power BI report which displays the issue count based on the issue's labels.


  1. Log in to Jira and navigate to the global navigation Menu (on the top)  AIO Power BI → My Connector URLs. 

    Please note that access to the app is controlled by the Access Permissions option, which is accessible only to a Jira administrator. Users will not see the AIO Power BI menu item if the group they belong to is not selected. In this case, the Jira administrator can perform the below steps.

  2. Click on Add New Connector.
  3. Input the JQL and select the fields as shown below:

  4. Make sure the JQL returns the expected results in the issue navigator as shown below:

  5. Import the connector into Power BI by navigating to Get Data > OData feed > Basic > Paste URL > provide the credentials > Load the data by selecting tables.
  6. Create a measure in Power BI as shown below, where Measure will get the count of issues containing labels and Measure 2  will get the count of issues that don't contain any labels). Select the fields on the right-hand side to display them on the report.

    Refer to this Power BI documentation for creating measures.