Base URL Needed message while accessing the My Connector URLs page in Power BI Connector

If the Power BI Connector My Connector URLs page not loading and showing Base URL Needed message:



If the requests are blocked at a url like below, one can observe this error by opening the browser's Developer tools and go to Network tab.


  1. Is Jira upgraded recently, if yes, is it running on the same port as before install?

  2. If the Jira server is running on AWS or any other cloud hosted machine, is the Jira Server IP is whitelisted?

  3. Open a Terminal/Command window and perform below check
    ping <jira-server-host-name>

    wget http(s)://<jira-server>
    wget http(s)://<jira-server>:<port>
    wget http(s)://localhost:<port>

  4. Get value from the database
    select * from "AO_4BC27B_AIO_TENANT";

Possible solution:
Based on above checkpoints, might be required to update the DB column "AO_4BC27B_AIO_TENANT"."OAUTH_URL" to reflect proper value.