Logical relationships between tables extracted using Power BI Connector

When data is extracted using the Power BI Connector, it is contained in a specific table depending on the field being extracted. If the fields are included in different tables, it is necessary to establish logical relationships between them to create reports based on those fields.

Below are some examples that may help to determine which fields should be related depending on the tables.


  1. Given the tables “Jira Issues”, “Jira Issue Worklogs”, and “Tempo Accounts”, the fields that should be related are the following:

    1. Issues: Account → Tempo Accounts: Account Name



    2. Issues: Key → Worklogs: Key


  2. Given the tables “Jira Issues” and “Jira Groups” some examples are the following:

    1. Issues: “Creator: AccountId” → Jira Groups: Member Account Id

    2. Issues: ”Current Assignee AccountId” → Jira Groups: “Member Account Id"

For other use cases, it is important to analyze the content of tables and find similarities to make a proper association.