How to transfer the Power BI Connector URL ownership to another user

This article explains how to transfer the web URL connector ownership to another user using the app, Power BI Connector Pro for Jira. 


The below scenario explains two users i.e, user1 (Amulya) and user2 (Manisha) where connector URL can be transferred or the ownership changed from one user to the other. 

  1. The below screenshot represents users having site access where user1 has Site admin access and user2 has Basic access.

  2. In the below screenshot, user2 has created the Connector URL with the respective fields and JQL as shown:

  3. Then, user1 can transfer the ownership by navigating to Apps > Power BI Pro > Administration > Allconnectors as shown:

  4. Select the Owner and click on the Transfer ownership by providing a name and clicking on Save, as follows:

  5. The Connector URL gets transferred to the user2 and below is the resultant screenshot:

  • It is recommended to test the above scenario in a test environment before implementing it in production. 
  • All the connector URLs created by other users can be seen by the Admin on the All connectors page in the Administration section.