Best practices to be followed for Power BI Jira Connector refreshes


This article explains best practices for Power BI Jira Connector to avoid performance (loading time) issues.

Best Practice

  • Avoid any concurrent refreshes, i.e., Avoid refreshing two or more connectors simultaneously.

  • For refreshing the “History” fields, leverage the filter option to further filter history data.

    As an example below, History fields are filtered on “Flagged“ and “status“ attributes

  • If there is a lot of data, or if it takes a long time to refresh, you can split the refresh into multiple extracts based on the category or data.

  • Remove unused connector fields from the selection.

  • Limit to the minimal fieldset while choosing the performance-sensitive fields like “Sprint Metrics”, “Remote Links”, etc.

  • Limit to the minimal fieldset while choosing heavy data categories like “History”, “Work logs,” etc.

  • Microsoft suggests about smaller dataset refresh when the data model is bigger than 1 GB at

  • These are basic recommendations and may have some other factors as well.