Skill panel


Skills Panel is a part of the Resources module. It displays a comprehensive list of skills required to complete tasks on the timeline above. In addition, the time/story points are aggregated, so you can see exactly how much skill-related effort is needed to complete all the tasks planned for a particular period. 

Using the Skill Panel, you can match the skill demand with supply. You can adjust the view using the Scale drop-down.

Each resource can be assigned a set of skills. You can plan the skill development for each resource using the Resource manager. This functionality is accessible only by the App Admin Security Role.

When you enable the skill panel, the skills of your resources appear next to resource avatars:

Skill panel view options

Just like in the upper section of the Resources module, you can change the view options to display additional information:

  • Unspecified - total effort of tasks for which the skill is not specified.

  • Skill Allocation - the total effort of tasks for which a given skill is set to 'required.' Only the tasks displayed on the Resource Grid (within the visualized period) are taken into account. For any task that is at least partly displayed, the skill effort is included in the calculation.

  • Skill Capacity - total skill capacity of the currently displayed resources.

  • Skill Remaining capacity - remaining availability in a given time period when a resource is assigned to a task.

Skill capacity calculation

The capacity is calculated using the following formula:

  • Skill Capacity = Resource capacity/number of current skills.

For example, Eileen will acquire new skills on the 28th of July (Android and Back-end). She works full time - 8h/d, and the capacity is divided equally between the two skills (Android 4h/d and Back-end 4h/d). She was assigned to a task BPV-17 starting on the 3rd of August, which requires a Back-end skill: