Box lifecycle (Overview module)


The box status determines whether you can edit the box information or change the box configuration.

You can set the status of each box as one of the following:

  • Not started (grey) - it will be executed in the future, so it is still in the planning phase

  • In progress (blue) - it is currently in execution

  • Closed (green) - it has already finished

When box status is set to 'Closed' you can't edit the box information or change the box configuration. Additionally, all its sub-boxes are closed as well, if any exist. Closed boxes are accessible in read-only mode. Data is no longer synchronized - changes made outside of closed boxes (e.g., directly in a task source) might not be reflected by closed boxes

You can see the status of the box you're in at the top left:

And in the box switcher:


Box status change 

You can change the box status:

  • Overview module:

  • Board module:

    • Right-click menu

    • Menu button

  • Objectives module:

    • Right-click menu

    • Info button

  • Box configuration (Scope definition) → changing the status of sub-boxes:

    • Info button

    • Right-click

Objectives vs. box status

When you complete the work and want to close the box, you will be prompted to decide what to do with the remaining open objectives once it is already closed:

  • Mark open objectives as failed and continue

  • Mark open objectives as abandoned

  • Do not modify the status of open objectives

All objectives previously marked as "Failed" will remain in a given status after reopening the box. These objectives will also be automatically cloned and added to the next box with status "Open".

Closing an upper-level box means that all the sub-boxes of that box will be also closed

Archived boxes

Additional 'status' in the box can be set to - Archived. Once a box is archived, the aggregations can no longer be calculated, and the box will not bring any valuable business information. Archived boxes can be viewed by selecting them from the view dropdown.

Action buttons are disabled.

Closed boxes

When a box is closed, all its children are also closed. Closed boxes function in read-only mode. Data is no longer synchronized, meaning any changes made to Jira issues/Trello cards after the box has been closed will not be reflected by the box. You can't change the status of a closed box if its parent/s that is/are closed. 

The box configuration is unavailable for closed boxes. When the box status is set to 'Closed' you can't edit the box information or change the box configuration.

Action buttons are disabled.



You cannot create a sub-box under a closed or archived parent box. The plus icon is grayed out.

Synchronization and scheduling

If a task belongs only to archived or closed boxes, then that task has a scheduling block placed on it.

Box configuration

Closed boxes function in a read-only mode - box configuration can't be accessed. 

Inline editing

Closed boxes function in a read-only mode - inline editing of box values disabled. 

Exception: The status column value remains responsive and can be used to change the box status.