Closed Boxes can't be edited. You can't access or change their configuration, rename them, edit their time period etc.

When you are in a Closed Box, the cog on the right is missing.

Editing Boxes

Edit button

 The "Edit" option allows you to change:

  • Box name

  • start date

  • end date

To edit a Box, right-click on it (in any mode of the Overview module or Home screen) or click on the config icon (the wrench) and select "Edit". You can edit the Box in the Overview module which requires Box Editor permissions:

Inline editing

You can also make changes using inline editing (double-click on a field):
Configuring Boxes

To configure a Box:

  • right-click on a Box (in the Overview) and select the "Configure" option

  • when you are in a Box you want to configure you can click the cog icon at the top right

Box Configuration gives you access to all settings of a Box, including the basic ones (such as a Box name, start date, and end date).

Go to the Box configuration > General > Basics, which requires Box Admin Permissions: