Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) has ended in February 2024.

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Basic tasks


Basic tasks are tasks stored by the App and are NOT synchronized with Jira or other connected tools like Trello. Basic tasks can be viewed only using the App's Gantt, Scope, Board modules, or the WBS Widget.

They can coexist with other tasks and work great as placeholders or temporary tasks and simulate higher levels in the hierarchy or serve as additional information boxes. The App uses them to replace non-issue Jira entities (like Components, Versions, Projects) which it is unable to recreate in Jira while cloning the scope.


Basic tasks follow the same set of rules (including linking, sorting, etc.). However, dependencies (links) between Basic tasks will not be synchronized. As Basic tasks are not Jira issues, they do not use Jira fields, hence no dates are set as Start or End date. However, it is possible to aggregate the MIN (earliest) or MAX (latest) date from all the children's tasks by editing the Column Views, convert tasks to Milestone, and set Baselines just like with other tasks. You can also manually color code your Basic tasks and multiple tasks using Task templates

Common use cases

As Basic tasks are not stored in the Host Platform (in Jira) you can use them in a variety of ways. You can for example:

  • convert them to Milestones

  • convert them to Jira issues

  • use Basic tasks as placeholders

  • use Basic tasks as additional notes

  • use Basic tasks to create a custom hierarchy and aggregate data

Convert a basic task into a Jira issue and select issue type

  1. Right-click on the issue in the WBS and select Convert to Jira issue.

  2. Select a project in which a Jira issue will be created.

  3. Select Issue type (Task, Story, Bug or Epic etc.) to a Jira issue that will be created.


4. Jira issue creation pop-up will appear. Fill out and modify the issue fields. Once you're done, click "Create".

Important: If the Screen Scheme of the Jira issue does NOT contain some of the basic task fields, their field values will be lost after the conversion.

For example, if you have set an "original estimate" for a basic task, but the project in which you want to place a Jira issue doesn't allow for the use of the "original estimate" field, the app doesn't have a place to save the values. 

If you convert a basic task into a Jira issue, values that can't be saved are lost. 

        4. In place of a basic task you will see a Jira issue

Create a basic task

  1. Click the (plus icon) > Create task Basic task

  2. Fill in the task information. It is not mandatory to add Start date and End date.

  3. Click Create 

Create another

When the box is selected → after you click Create a new task creation box automatically appears. 

Basic task statuses

Basic tasks can have three statuses to choose from:

  • To-do

  • In progress

  • Done

Keyboard Shortcut

  1. Select a task on WBS (task tree on the left)

  2. Use the shortcut to open the 'task creation box 

Create as a milestone

To create a milestone, activate a toggle switch. 

Task structure based on Basic tasks

Building the task structure using the Basic task can only be done manually using drag & drop or indent/outdent arrows. 

Basic tasks templates

Basic Tasks can be arranged into Templates. Use this to add multiple tasks that represent repeatable items, such as project phases.


Basic tasks can be assigned to users only in the Resources module. To assign a task use the drag-and-drop mechanism.

The built-in assignee field will correctly display the assignment in other modules.

Assign Team to Basic Tasks

It is possible to quickly assign a given Team to Basic tasks by inline editing in a column view.

Workload of Basic Tasks

BigPicture Enterprise feature:
In "Manual" workload contouring mode you can assign workload to basic tasks. It will be accounted for in general capacity calculation in the same manner as all other tasks. 


Task reports 

Task reports cannot be created on basic tasks.