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Displaying Timeboxes


Timeboxes define consecutive timeframes used for work planning. It helps to think of them as, e.g., sprints, iterations, increments, or stages.

You can only display sequential Box types using the Gantt module. The Boxes with sequentiality set as Overlapping will not be displayed. To change the sequentiality in the Box type configuration go to Business Administration > Box Types > General administration > Advanced (App Admin security role required).

You can create and edit Timeboxes using the Hierarchy and Timeline view modes of the Overview module.

Timeboxes are suitable for both agile and non-agile teams. Non-agile teams can simply rename Program Increments and Iterations to years, quarters, or months, and start planning their short- or long-term goals using the Board.

For example:

In SAFe ART Box, Timeboxes would represent:

  • Program Increment

  • Iteration

In a Waterfall Box, Timeboxes would represent:

  • Project stages

Overlapping Boxes

You can only show sequential Timeboxes which means they can not overlap.

Box Status Colors

The colors of the Boxes reflect the current status:

  • Grey—not started

  • Blue—in progress

  • Green—closed

You can change the Box status using the Overview module's Kanban mode, or by using the right-click dialog.


You can enable auto-scheduling of your tasks. When you do, the app will update your tasks' dates to fit within the boxes' period when you plan a task in different Timeboxes.

There are two strategies:

  • Precise alignment

  • Smart alignment

Highlighting Upper-Level and Lower-Level Timeboxes

Click on a Timebox to highlight all the sibling Boxes on the timeline. Let's highlight the Iteration level Boxes: