Quick filters


Thanks to Quick filters, you can narrow down the data you display with predefined JQL (Jira Query Language) statements. This feature provides great flexibility as you can focus exactly on what you need at the moment. For example, you take a closer look at any resource and their workload or only display the tasks assigned to a particular team, version, Epic, or Milestone to get a high-level overview of what's going on.

Quick filters are displayed in the header just below the links in the following modules:

  • Gantt

  • Scope

  • Board

  • Resources

  • Risks

  • Calendar

BigPicture offers enhanced JQL commands - read more here. You can learn more about JQL query types as an advanced form of retrieving information (and more) in the official Atlassian Jira documentation.


  • You can configure Quick Filters by navigating to Box Configuration> Task > Quick Filters.

  • Quick filters can be inherited by Sub-Boxes, so once defined, you can re-use the filters. To change them globally, go to the Box configuration of the Root Box.

  • Quick filters can be imported from a Jira Board.

Quick filter options displayed in the Gantt chart

Apply Quick Filters

Once the filters are defined, you can apply them by selecting the filter with the picker in the header. After activating the filter, you'll see an orange dot next to the button. You can select multiple filters and use the "AND" and "OR" operators to combine your queries and create advanced search strings. Click on the check box to switch the filter on, or, if you've added a filter to your favorites, select the name of the filter in the header.

Favourite filters and available filter options displayed in the Gantt chart

Filters are applied

Per module

When you activate a filter, it applies only to the module you are currently in

If needed, you can apply a current filter to all modules. This will override any filters have were active in other modules. 

Per user

Filters are active per user - when you activate the filters other users are not affected. Only your view is changed. 

Clear Quick Filters

To clear all Quick filters, click the orange dot. 

The number of filters you've created can be quite large. To quickly find the filter you need, start typing in the name of the filter to narrow down the list.

Favorite Filters

  • Click on the star to display the name of the filter in the header, next to the filter search.

  • Any user can have their own list of favorite filters, and their lists don't interfere with each other.

Quick Filter Configuration

By default, there are several Quick Filters available in the App header. Of course, these can be deleted. Among these filters, you can find: 

  • My tasks (tasks Assigned to the User)

  • Unresolved (tasks with Open and Reopened statuses)

  • Updated <5d (tasks updated within the last 5 days)

Create Quick Filters in a Box

Filters added in this way are created and available in the App (they are not saved in Jira).

To create a filter, enter the following information:

  • Name

  • Query

  • Description

With Quick Filters enabled, a logged-in user might not be able to see search results if the JQL filter that defines the scope of the Box is not shared with this user. To learn how to share Jira filters, check the related Jira documentation entry.

When a task is a parent and does not fit the JQL query, while at the same time, its children do fit the JQL filter, the parent task will be shaded out - just like when using the Search box.

Quick Filters based on existing Jira filters

When you use Jira filters to define BigPicture Quick Filters make sure that all Box users can access those Jira filters. Otherwise, the Quick Filter will not return any results, as the current user doesn't have sufficient permissions.

Jira filters can be found under Issues > Manage filters

Change filter permissions if needed.

Quick filters imported from a Jira Board

If you want to import multiple filters at the same time you can use the Import from Jira Board option. This will allow you to import a set of filters. 

  1. Select a board from a drop-down.

  2. Select the filters:

    1. you can check the box at the top to select all filters

    2. manually select each filter

    3. use the search function to find the filters you are interested in

  3. Click Import to finish the process.

Change the order of Quick Filters

A Box admin can change the order in which the Quick Filters are listed in the drop-down. 

To make the adjustment, go to Box Configuration > Tasks > Quick Filters


"ORDER BY" JQL keyword can’t be executed.