Searching and Reporting

Document Activity

The Document Activity is a report of the workflow-related events and actions for a page or blog post.

The document activity report shows the workflow lifecycle activity on the page or blog post.

The chronological report be configured to include the following for each listed document activity

  • the User who undertook the document activity

  • the Action of document activity - approval decision, reviewer assignment, state expiration, state transition

  • the workflow State

  • Comments added for the document activity action

  • Date and time for each document activity

  • the document Version at the time of each document activity

A link to the Confluence document version at the time of the event is included for each individual document activity.

If the activity is actioned by the workflow, the app user icon is displayed. For example,

  • initial state change on the addition of a workflow to the page or blog post

  • the expiry of a due date for a state

  • a transition caused by the expiry of a due date

  • when an approval takes place, the transition based on the approval decision is shown as being undertaken by the workflow.

The Clear Document Activity button option is displayed only to space administrators viewing the report. This can be used to clear the document activity for the current page or blog post.

Viewing the document activity report

The Document Activity for a page or blog post is displayed by choosing Document Activity in the

  • page tools menu

  • workflow popup ellipsis menu

Document Activity is also be displayed using the Activity Report button in the workflow popup if the page or blog post is currently in the final state.

If there is no active workflow on the content but document activity was retained the page tools Document Activity option is not available. The retained document activity can still be accessed in the Custom Contents screen for the page.

In the page tools menu

  • choose Attachments > Custom Contents

In the Custom Contents screen

  • choose the Comala Document Management tab

The Document Activity report is listed as a custom content item for the page. You can choose the Document Activity item to view the report.

The Document Activity item is displayed with

  • its Creation Date (identifies the date and time of the last document activity)

  • the Creator (the Comala app user - 'CC' )

The Delete action removes the recorded document activity from the page.

Delete can be used by a user with edit or admin permission to delete the Document Activity

The Document Activity item will not be available in the Custom Contents screen if the page has no active workflow and the document activity was removed/no workflow had been previously applied.

If a user has been disabled or deleted the document activity will display the username and the default avatar. The username name is the stored user display name for the site.

The document activity for a page can also be displayed on the page by adding the document activity macro.

Document Report

The Document Report lists all the pages and blog posts in a space report that currently have an active workflow applied.

To view the Document Report

  • choose the Document Report option in the Confluence sidebar menu

For a page currently in a workflow state with multiple approvals, each approval is displayed as an icon in the Reviewers column.

Choose each approval icon to display any assigned reviewer(s) and the reviewer current approval decision status.

The Document Report can be filtered by the current workflow state for a workflow on a page or blog post using the displayed buttons for each state.

My Pending Approvals

You can see the approvals that are assigned to you in the current space in the document report.

If there are multiple approvals in a state the reviewer avatars are replaced by the named approval avatar.

Choose the approval avatar to view the assigned reviewers for an approval.

When there are multiple approvers assigned choose a reviewer to view details of all the reviewers for the approval.

You can sort and filter the display or use a search filter on the Confluence search to find pages that are assigned to a specific person (see below).

Document state macro

Add the document state page macro to display the current workflow state; the date of the change to the state; and the state expiry date (if a state expiry has been added).

The document state macro is compatible with the Confluence page properties macro and page properties report macro.

Document approvals macro

Add the document approvals macro page macro to display information for approvals in a selected workflow state.

The macro can be configured to display one or more of

  • the overall status of the approval

  • the approval assignees

  • the latest approval decision for each assignee

  • the date of the reviewer decision

  • the reviewer comment

The document approvals macro is compatible with the Confluence page properties macro and page properties report macro.

Document activity macro

Add the document activity macro to display information for the document activity for the page.

Configure the macro to display one or more of the following for each document activity entry

  • User

  • workflow Action

  • workflow State

  • any Comments added for the document activity

  • Date

  • Confluence Version

The document activity macro is compatible with the Confluence page properties macro and page properties report macro.

Confluence Search Filters for Macros

Confluence provides some macros that support CQL filters, like the Content by label macro or the Page properties report macro.


If you are searching with a separate reporting/scripting tool, for example, Reporting for Confluence from Appfire or ScriptRunner for Confluence from Adapatavist, using the Confluence REST API the following field names are used:


Field name


Field name

Workflow state


Assigned approver


Note that cw_state search is case-sensitive

cql=cw_approver="userID" and cw_state="Approved"