Document state macro


When added to a page, the document state macro displays information on the current workflow state of the page.


The macro can be configured to display one or more of the following

  • the workflow state

  • date of the change to the state

  • state expiry date (if the state has an expiration)

Confluence UTC format is used for the

  • date of change to the state

  • state expiry date


The document state macro is only displayed on the page when a workflow is applied.

Adding the macro to a page

Edit the page and type /doc to display the document state macro option.

Choose Document State to add the macro to the draft page.

Select the macro and choose the pencil icon to open the macro editor.

Check the required boxes to configure the macro to display one or more of

  • the workflow state - Show State

  • date of the transition to the state - Show Changed Date

  • state expiry date (if the state has an expiration) - Show Expiry Date

Selected macro options are previewed in the macro on the draft page.

Publish the page to view the document state macro displayed in the page subtitle on the content.

The macro was updated on Jul 1, 2024. Content of the updated document state macro may not be available in the earlier versions of a document.

Use with other macros

The document state macro is compatible with the Confluence Page Properties macro and the Page Properties Report macro.

On a draft page, add the document state macro as a table value in the page properties macro.

The macro on the published page is rendered in a table.

The page properties report macro can be added to a page to report the value of the example page property we created - Comala Management App - State details.

Exporting pages to PDF and Word

The document state macro on-page information is included when exporting to PDF or Word.

Page status (migration compatibility) macro

The page status macro displays the current workflow state.

The macro is added to a document migrated to cloud where the source server content includes the Comala Document Management for Server page status macro.