Comala Document Management in Confluence Cloud allows you to create a distinction between draft and published content.


No publishing

By default, a workflow is all about the workflow states. All versions of content are visible to anyone who has view access, and the workflow just helps manage the content production process.


Workflow final state version

With a single change to a workflow, by setting a state as the workflow final state, you can set content in this state as your final approved content.

This provides a way to direct people to the latest approved version of a page (created on the last transition to the final state) while a new draft version is still in the review process state.

Each of the workflows included with the app is configured with a workflow final state.

Adding a final state to a workflow in Cloud does not change any user access to a page or blogpost. In Cloud the access is managed by Confluence user permissions.

The final state can be used by the app in a number of ways


Different-space publishing

Set up one space for drafts, and another space for the published content.  Take full advantage of Confluence permissions to restrict viewing of the draft content to only the people who can see the draft space.