Code editor

Code Editor

Workflow JSON code can be edited using the code editor.

The editor can also be used to import other workflows into the current space by copying and pasting the JSON markup for the workflow from another space or site.

JSON is a code language used to build the workflow. Only use this code editor if you are familiar with JSON.

You can access the code editor for a space custom workflow in the space settings Document Management dashboard.


The workflow template JSON code is displayed in the workflow schema box and can be edited directly in the editor.


You can also open the code editor using the toggle button option in the workflow builder visual editor. For example, after choosing the Create New Workflow option button in the document management dashboard.

Using the code editor

Access the Code editor for a custom workflow using the </> icon in the Actions options in the space document management dashboard.

The workflow template JSON code is edited directly in the editor.

The code editor validates any changes. Errors are displayed with details of the validation. The code editor does not allow the application of code with a validation error.

JSON markup for triggers can also be added to a workflow using the workflow builder visual editor rather than the code editor.

When editing a custom workflow in the workflow builder visual editor, the code editor is accessed using the code icon button in the right-hand navigator panel.

Changes applied to the code editor are dynamically updated in workflow builder visual editor.

Accessing the code editor using this option in the visual editor allows you to toggle between the visual and code editors.

Any queries on importing workflows or using the code editor please contact support.