Workflow notifications

Comala Document Management sends email notifications for the following events

  • assignees receive a notification when they are assigned to review a page/blog

  • the expiry date is reached for content with the Content Expiry workflow applied

On-screen notifications are displayed to a user viewing a page on which they have been assigned to an approval.

The message includes details of the approval name and the user who manually assigned the reviewer.

On-screen notification messages are also be created for example, when reviewers have undertaken an approval decision:

For content with the Content Expiry workflow applied, when the expiry date is reached, the content state changes to Expired and email notifications are sent to

  • users who are watching the content

The email notifications come from

This not from the address that normally sends emails related to built-in Confluence functionality.

Custom notifications

Custom notifications can be added using JSON triggers. A trigger can be set for a specific event to create one or more notifications.

In the Content Expiry workflow when the content in the Approved state expires a JSON trigger is used to

  • send an email notification 

  • set an on-page message

Content Expiry Workflow JSON Trigger
[{"event":"on-expire","actions": [{"action":"send-email","recipients":["@watchers"], "notification": {"subject":"${content.title} has expired", "title":"${content.title} has expired", "body":"Hello, ${} in the ${} space has expired and needs to be reviewed"}}, {"action":"set-message", "type":"info", "title":"Expired", "body":"The page has expired", "tags":"state", "mode":"autoClose"}]}]

A JSON trigger can be added using the JSON editor or workflow builder.