Comala Document Management Data Center App allows users to view existing documents while changes are being made.



Request for viewers to see an existing Confluence document/page while changes are being made before it is officially approved.


Client’s policy team wants the staff to be able to view documents while changes are being made, before they are finally approved.

Key areas :

  1. Live view of an existing document while changes are being made.

  2. Viewers should be able to access an existing Confluence document/page, not just the Editors.



  1. To suit this use case, amends the Workflow activity of Space Configuration so ‘anybody’ can view this such as viewers.


  2. Navigate to Space Tools → Document Management → Configuration tab
    On the Workflow Activity and Drafts Visibility , change to Anybody



Anyone who could normally view the content will be able to view drafts and activity reports. They will also be able to take part in content reviews.