Comala Document Management Data Center | User not receiving notifications


Customer complains a member of the identical specific group isn't receiving notifications from the plugins, unlike the others.


  1. Comala Document Management settings:
    Revisit the workflow
    check how the email notification being configured, is it via :

    1. Global notifications -

    2. Space Tools notifications -

    3. Send email macro -

  • Please be aware that if a user assigns themselves as a reviewer to an approval, the email notification will not be sent.

2. Confluence Settings:

  1. Check if the Notify on my actions checkbox is being selected for the specific user
    {Profile > Settings > Email Notify on my actions


  1. As all the customer colleagues belong to the same group, CDM settings can be eliminated.

  2. Therefore, please proceed to Confluence and then select Settings.

  3. Click on user Profile > Settings

  4. Select Email > tick on Notify on my actions