Comala Document Management | Data Center - Email notification not being sent



Customer complains email notification after approval triggers are not working

Customer having issues in their Confluence instance and they have enabled Confluence email debug tools as per step determined on the documentation link below :

Once enabled, they will able to check Confluence logs to see if emails are being effectively sent:

Best practices :

  1. Customer can set different subjects for each approval, it'll be easier to know which email is not being received.

  2. Checking workflow :

    1. If the workflow is correct. There are some blank spaces in some parameters like @Author 2 @ and @Technical Lead @, these didn’t affected the workflow, but we’ll recommend customer to correct that.

    2. If they are testing all or some of the approvals with their own username, customer should enable the ‘Notify on my actions’ option because confluence does not notify users of their own changes by default.

      • To enable this go to the user Profile > Settings > Emails > Edit > Notify on my actions > Submit.

    3. When the workflow is in the initial state, it is necessary to confirm the users who will interact at each approval (Parameters) before clicking Submit.

Additionally , customer can use requiredparams option in state macro.

For default Comala notifications, they need to check if the notifications are enabled in Space Tools/Document Managmenent/Notifications.

The default Approval-Assignee notification is sent only if the reviewer is assigned. The reviewer is assigned when his/her avatar is shown in the approval macro.

d. If the first user parameter is not well set, the first notification will be missed or sent to the wrong user.

  • After this configuration, the notifications should arrive as expected.